Magic: The Gathering Arena is now available in early access on Android devices. You can download the game via the Google Play Store, if your device “meet[s] our planned Android recommended specs,” which are spelled out in detail on the announcement page. Today’s launch coincides roughly with the pre-release of the Viking-themed Kaldheim expansion set this weekend.

As we covered in the announcement earlier this month, the Android launch includes full cross-play with other platforms and all cards and sets available on the PC version of the game. Not included at this time are friends list and other social features, sideboarding, and code redemption.

Wizards of the Coast produced an additional FAQ today, providing more information about MTG:A’s early access Android launch and its upcoming launch on iOS devices, which will be “as soon as we’re ready.” More news on the release should accompany the release of the next expansion, Strixhaven, which is scheduled for sometime this spring.


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