Magic: The Gathering has a new expansion set coming out soon, and that means Magic: The Gathering Arena does too. Zendikar Rising arrives on Thursday, Sept. 17, and Arena players can get a whole slew of goodies for free or as part of pre-purchase bundles or the set’s Mastery Pass.

The rewards go for 114 levels for free players, or 130 if you pick up the Mastery Pass. They include a Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients Avatar, Zendikar Rising card sleeves, five elemental-themed pets, and the usual assortment of gold, cards, and packs. You can purchase the Mastery Pass individually or as part of the Nahiri Play Bundle. There’s also a Jace Pack Bundle, and if you pre-order both, you’ll get a bonus pet.

In addition, to commemorate the set rotation coming with the expansion launch, there will be additional Renewal Mastery awards — various Zendikar Rising cards and packs, and a Standard 2020 Basic Sleeve for achieving level 31 — handed out to all players. To be eligible for these rewards, you’ll need to log into your account before the Sept. 17 launch.

Learn more about the Zendikar Rising rewards on the Magic: The Gathering Arena site. Alternatively, just learn more about the set and check out a bunch of today’s revealed cards on the main MTG site.


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