The Magic: Legends team continues its trickle of information tactics — which is both a blessing and a curse for players interested in the upcoming MMO. On one hand, we’re getting information on a regular basis. On the other, it’s not much information at any given time. Luckily, the most recent information — while still not a lot — at least gives players an idea of when they’ll be able to check out the game themselves.

According to the most recent press release, beta testing for Magic: Legends isn’t that far off. We may still not have a solid date, but we do know that it will launch sometime this coming spring — so, potentially as early as March. Those interested in participating in the beta will need to sign up on the game’s site if they haven’t already.

Beta wasn’t the only bit of news provided this time around. According to the press release, Magic: Legends will be officially released sometime in 2020 on PC and in 2021 on consoles. Since we’ve just begun 2020, that gives us anywhere between a one and almost two-year wait until the game launches on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so fire up that Pc if you want to play as early as possible. Of course, that window should narrow once beta testing begins. Don’t forget to check out the previews we’ve seen so far!


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