If you’ve played any amount of Magic: The Gathering, you’ve eventually run into one of those blue decks. Back in my day, we used to call them “Permission” decks, because you had to ask for permission for every move you wanted to make, since the deck usually had the ability to counterspell or otherwise negate everything you might want to do.

Magic LegendsMind Mage is based upon that “permission” archetype, drawing inspiration from planeswalker Jace Beleren. While lacking in physical prowess, it can “prevent incoming damage and stop enemies from hitting back.” Debuffs and control effects are the name of his game, though he can deal at least some damage when needed.

As for the Mind Mage’s look, the art team envisioned a character “floating fluidly through time and space itself” and using orbs instead of a traditional weapon. The class’s animations are “deliberate and precise, not explosive or harsh,” and makes use of “subtle screen distortions,” giving the impression that he’s always hiding his true motives.

That motive, as anyone who’s played against a blue deck can tell you, is to make you feel frustrated enough that you just want to flip the table in rage. Fortunately, the AI beasties you conquer shouldn’t exhibit that same level of anger. Just watch out for him in PvP.


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