Magic: Legends Executive Producer Steve Ricossa is back with another State of the Game letter, addressing more changes to the game that are coming as a result of player feedback. Shortening the Tazeem tutorial area is still a work in progress, though Ricossa said that Cryptic will be reducing the breadth of progression missions and removing the requirement to transport back to Briarthorne Glade to turn in missions “in the very near term.”

As for the game’s broader issues, some players are still having trouble with daily and weekly quests, so the team will be running occasional battle pass double XP weekends to help compensate. Ricossa mentioned another contentious point, currency caps, acknowledging that they’re to “make sure the economy doesn’t get too out of whack if we end up over-rewarding somewhere” but willing to evaluate “some ways to reduce the pinch.”

The beefy mid-April patch Ricossa has talked about before is almost ready to be deployed, fixing 450 bugs and helping at least a little bit with performance issues. Another change is that players who unlock a new class, either through gameplay or the store, will receive that class’s 12-card starter deck.

Ricossa ended by covering a few “late-breaking” issues that are being addressed, such as dealing with AFK farmers and “obtrusive” mission queue notifications, as well as mentioning two events. The first, Double Red Planar Mana Weekend, is running from now until Monday and awards double red mana from all sources. The second is called Mana Rig Mayhem and runs for 21 days and focuses on “the Mana Rig going haywire and requiring a group of planeswalkers to shut it down.” If you participate for 14 of the 21 days, you’ll receive the mythic sorcery spell Unstable Beam and spell infusers for it.


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