Lots of MMOs give players housing. You get a building, which might have multiple rooms and floors, maybe a yard out front … nice, but kind of small.

With Magic: Legends, Cryptic Studios and Perfect World is giving you an entire realm to play with and fuel your progression. When you’re a planeswalker, a single house, no matter how grand, simply won’t do.

The focal point of your personal realm is your Aetheric Core, and as you level that up, you’ll be able to construct various workstations in your realm. As they advance, those workstations will help you earn new spells, artifacts, class unlocks, and mission reward multipliers, as well as let you convert resources.

Don’t get too excited, though. For now, a “realm” appears to be just a fancy menu system, as Cryptic is “currently exploring the potential of making the Realm a fully visualized 3-D space that the player can occupy and interact with.” In the meantime, you can read everything your realm has to offer, as well as look at some swell concept art, on the Magic: Legends site.


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