If you spent more time in Magicka blowing up your allies than your enemies, rejoice! Paradox Interactive is now offering alpha access to its PvP game Magicka: Wizard Wars, so you can literally have a blast with your (soon to be ex-) friends.

You can get guaranteed access to the alpha by purchasing the Starter, Founder, or IMPressive Wizard Packs, for $12.99, $19.99, or $49.99, each of which comes with increasing in-game loot (and even a copy of Paradox’s Crusader Kings II for the latter two packages). Alternatively, you can sign up and try to check the game out for free, though invites will be handed out “as capacity allows.” Preview all your access options here.


  1. Only have tried original Magicka so far. Well, what can I say.. Refreshing idea, fun combat, overall nice game – nothing but respect for developer.

  2. I went to buy a Founder pack but it directed me to a Steam error page, saying the service is not avaliable in my region…thats kinda of a let down..


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