MapleStory Celebrates Turning 18 With The Momentree Update, Featuring Special Events With Unique Rewards

Follow Rith and Ellie's growth, fight invasive Moles, go on ghost hunts, and collect Memory Tokens.

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Happy 18th Birthday, MapleStory! Sorry your party’s so lame.

The original side-scrolling MMORPG is turning 18, and Nexon is celebrating with Patch v.241. Through the Momentree event, players will follow the progress of Rith and Ellie with the Growth Journal, take part in the Punch-King event to fend off invasive Moles, and go on ghost hunts for EXP rewards. Also, they can gather Memory Tokens and spend them at the Memory Token Shop to unlock unique rewards.

From May 3 to June 13, there are loads of Maple Anniversary Events to participate in. Earn up to 300 Event Currency daily by capping coins and speak to the NPC once a day for buffs and skills. Level up skill perks and receive functional rewards by acquiring growth points. Defeat Moles, punch King on five characters, and earn event currency above the cap. In the Magic Wardrobe event, gain EXP by defeating mobs.

On specific dates, players can enjoy bonuses like 2x Event Currency on Sundays from May 7 to June 11. Get 300% Combo Kill EXP and 100% Rune EXP on May 7, 30% off SF, and 50% Honor EXP on May 14. Gain 2x EXP from portals on May 21, 100% SF for 5/10/15 stars on May 28, and 5x Mag Soul on June 4. June 11 offers 2x Monster Collection and 3x Monsterbloom.

Participate in the Happy Time event by capping coins and increasing effectiveness through regular participation. Cook up to four times a day to receive either EXP or Stat buffs in the Cooking Collection event. Increase buff effectiveness as the event progresses. Players between levels 141-199 can participate in the Dolphin Fountain event, and the Click Click Momentree event is an upgraded version of Happy Time. Earn event currency and a cosmetic chair in the Puzzle Game event, available four times a week, and catch up on coin capping in the Piggy Bank Lucky event.

Also, inactive guilds MapleStory will be removed, and the meso requirement for Fairy Heart will increase from 2 billion to 4 billion. Kurama will be leaving the game, and the Cash Shop Transfer Event will run from June 7 to June 14. Here’s the official patch notes for more information.

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