Gazillion’s got something huge brewing for Marvel Heroes. How do we know? The title of the dev blog calls it the “Biggest System Update Ever!” Typical superhero stuff, blowing everything out of proportion…

Or maybe not, in this case. This upcoming update will focus on improving the quality of the game’s heroes, updating every one of them in a single patch. For starters, Power Points are going away; when you unlock a power, you’ll get it at its full potency, without having to allocate points to it. Powers will only scale only with your hero’s level, and items that had power level bonuses will see them replaced with other bonuses.

Talents are new to Marvel Heroes and will replace Specializations, giving heroes new and exciting customization options, while all heroes will have an offensive and defensive Trait, passive abilities that help to reinforce their theme. To accompany the changes, active powers will be capped at eight, with five passives.

There’s no firm date on when the changes will arrive. This is just one of many major updates the dev team has in mind for Marvel Heroes, with changes and updates to items, Omega System, and personal difficulty also in the works. It’s a lot to change, but it seems well-reasoned, so take the time to read through the blog post for the logic behind and specific examples of the changes.

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  1. NGoHT on September 19, 2016

    Marvel Heroes 2017.

    Atm its boring as hell.

  2. NowWithNoThinkin on September 17, 2016

    Most of the original devs have moved on and it doesn’t show more than with this patch.

    They now appear to be taking all uniqueness and thinking about building your character and replacing everyone with the same cookie cutter junk. They are simply just following the D3

  3. Deathloche on September 16, 2016

    looks like this will be another game I will have to hop back in to

  4. ASD on September 16, 2016

    Marvel heros is still a thing?

    • Merkadis on September 16, 2016

      It will always be a thing because marvel universe is vast and it’s story begins from the time when our parents were still young.

    • ASD on September 16, 2016

      Eh I guess I’m not into it then. I thought marvel heros died out when the 90s ended.

      • Merkadis on September 17, 2016

        Of course not.
        Don’t you know the spiderman, batman, hulk ,x-men, etc movies?
        The legend lives on.

      • ASD on September 17, 2016

        I know about them. I was just never into them.

      • ASD on September 17, 2016

        I mean I don’t like marvel heros and I doubt I ever will but I tried to check it out but was just never into it and I thought it died out lol I’m suprised it’s still a popular franchise.

        • Merkadis on September 17, 2016

          It’s because of the comics themselves.
          You won’t believe how much fans worldwide marvel universe has, most of them likely grown up adults with families and stuff. That’s what keeps marvel heroes alive as well as other games based on the marvel universe.

  5. Merkadis on September 16, 2016

    Maybe Marvel Heroes will finally become more than grind-yourself-into-boredom game?
    Heh, maybe i’ll give it another shot when i got time after this hits the servers… we’ll see.