Following last week’s Comic-Con International: San Diego, Gazillion Entertainment, has released new assets from the awaited free-to-play MMO game Marvel Heroes including a new Comic Con teaser trailer.

Marvel Heroes is a new free-to-play MMO Action RPG created by David Brevik, the visionary behind Diablo. For more details on Marvel Heroes visit


  1. today we live in a stupid era where

    High budgeted games are crappy
    and low budgeted are Awesome(but some aren’t they’re just completely trash)

  2. If I can take iron mans arms and legs and put them on captain america who’s mixed with the human torch, i will play this game.

  3. To bad they never released this back in febuary or waited till 2014 and
    called it ” The Avenger’s Online”

    I would have, And just kept pumping out AWSOME cinematic trailers till my release in 2014 just before Avengers 2 hit the theater’s.

  4. Wow not a lot of people don’t like this… I guess im one of the few that will love this and can’t wait for it to start O.O and if DC would release the same concept with DC characters I will probably give that one a chance too… its just me I just love these characters too much 🙂

    • The two aren’t even related besides the superhero theme, they’re nearly different genres except for the fact that mmorpg covers such a wide array of games.

  5. I’m interested in the game and yeah a bit strange as they are advertising it as Diabloesque gameplay. Sure it’s action and all but so far beside the item- and maprandomization not too much was covered about the similarities between the two and I suppose that’s it and David Brevik.

    I expect it to be the same as the X-Men: Legends or the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games which weren’t bad at all.

    And for f**** god’s sake Deadpool is there XD I’ll try this game only for him.

    He’s gonna get an own game as well so it’s gonna be a nice period for the fans.

  6. It seems like there trying a bit TOO hard to impress people with this game, it’s most likely just all hype and is gonna end up like alot of the game’s on the F2P market.

  7. Still don’t know why I waste 40 seconds of my life hoping I would see something new, or that actually teases me.

  8. boring! They need to make this superheroe games more like THE ultimate alliance, but a better version to make it way more interesting, BUT THIS??? DX this is . . . . . . . . . . . .! *walks away in mid sentence*

  9. Its this just another game of Utimate alliance series or what?I saw just an improvement in graphics stuff,but the kind of gameplay is exactly the same

  10. How hard it is to understand that we gamers are interested in skills strategy and invoative ways of gameplay …….. how hard it is … ?…

        • It’s a spamfest with the worst community ever. Also there’s just no balance whatsoever in that game. RiotGames just keeps popping heroes every week and when they are low on budget they just pop a new OP char there which the kids buy and can go on without any strategic knowledge just skillspamming due they get the upperhand with the new stuff.

          There’s little to no strategy in that game. Even though I agree it should require… but.. practice is always different than the theory.

  11. I’m sorry but i cant be the only one who is just not interested in this game at all? i mean i think they just jumped onto the D3 bandwagon and the trailers they have released just aint doing anything for me :S


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