Marvel Heroes had a less than stellar start when it launched in 2013, but Gazillion Entertainment has been steadily making refinements and adding new content to the costumed ARPG to the point where they feel the game deserves a fresh start with a new name, well sort of. Launching on June 4th under the name “Marvel Heroes 2015” the ARPG’s relaunch will also be timed to coincide with the Mac client Open Beta test and the introduction of new end-game raid content.

At first glance the name change may seem a bit convoluted as Gazillion Entertainment is treating the launch of Marvel Heroes 2015 as if it were a new game. According to David Brevik, Gazillion’s CEO, the name represents “everything we have accomplished and intend to accomplish with one name”. Okay.

Brevik goes on to elaborate, saying “we’ve come a very long way since our original launch a year ago, and the now imminent release of Marvel Heroes 2015 alongside our massive anniversary celebrations marks the beginning of something even better. Whether it’s defending the X-Mansion or recruiting your favorite superhero as a Team-Up, we’re excited to continue delivering on our community’s expectations. We truly believe we put more improvements into our game than any other iterative release out there. The 2015 moniker reaffirms our commitment to keep doing it.”

While the relaunch may be a bit superficial, Marvel Heroes 2015 will come with a bit of new content for both new and existing players to appreciate. Existing players will be able to take on the new end-game raid featuring Sultur, a 1000 foot inter-dimensional fire demon, who controls hordes of lesser fire demons because that’s what giant fire demons do. Players of all levels may also enjoy the new alternate advancement systems which function similar to the paragon levels found in Diablo 3, allowing players to allocate points across a variety of combat and non-combat stats for all their heroes equally.

The only question which remains is, should we expect Marvel Heroes 2016 next year?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Reading and comprehension not strong with this one. Mac client will boost pop. New content, players, a interdimensional demon, and more…. That is more than marketing message. DERP

    • yes… the new *content* is more than marketing. the new *name* is entirely marketing…. what was that about reading comprehension?

  2. the “relaunch” seems to be just to revamp the image and show that it’s a different game than at launch. good for marketing in general, i think, though it may be off putting for some

  3. Ohh did no one give a shit about ur disgusting ripoff crap?
    Thats what you get bitches, for not EVEN allowing people to play as a choosen hero, instead of immediately assraping people to pull their pockets to buy one. /get bankrupt totaly deserved

      • dude u are on the wrong game… marvel never owned batman trololol … it world be like DC use spiderman in infinite crysis o.O… (world be just WTF XD?)

        and the game isnt pay2win u get some boosts etc in CS but u can get the most of the stuff for ingame stuff too… even the team up chars o.o….

  4. Don’t really understand why they would label this as a relaunch. I’m confused… it just sounds like a bit of an expansion…

    Watevs floats their boat though.

    • yeah I was wondering about that myself… I think it’s an expansion, not a relaunch though… although the name is weird for an expansion ‘Marvel Heroes 2015’ …why 2015… :\

  5. Wow, finally!The end game content I was waiting for since June 4th, 2013 😀 …NOW!Finally it has arrived, I can’t wait. It will be so much more fun than before, this game is AMAZING! 🙂


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