At a recent press event, publisher Gazillion Entertainment revealed some details about the new Marvel Universe Online MMORPG. The game is developed by Gazillion Entertainment, will be free-to-play, and written by Brian Michael Bendis (House of M, Ultimate Spider-Man comics, among others).

The game will take place in venues and timelines gleaned from the entire Marvel comic universe in Bendis’ words, “back from the classic era all the way to the modern” and that unlike other superhero-themed massively multiplayer games that require players to either create new characters from scratch or act as sidekicks to existing superheroes, Marvel Universe will let players play as the actual iconic Marvel characters they know and love. The panel rattled off only a handful of Marvel’s iconic comic heroes that will appear as playable characters, such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, and, as Bendis added jokingly–or at least, while laughing–the obscure hero known as Squirrel Girl.

Said Jefferson, “Gazillion is going to try to make the game recognizable to both casual fans and to core fans. We’re really looking for breadth here” explained the executive. Without giving any specific examples, the group suggested that the game’s overarching story will let players “play through the great moments of the Marvel universe” and that the game will “launch with more Marvel characters than in any other Marvel game to date“.

The group did, at least, divulge that the primary villain behind the events and challenges players will face in the game will be none other than Dr. Doom. When asked to list any specific heroines, the group simply stated that there will be “many strong female protagonists from the Marvel universe” in play. Jefferson was also quick to point out that Marvel Universe will not just be a kid-friendly game that might reflect the comic publisher’s recent merger with media giant Disney. “We already have a game like that for kids” said the vice president, in reference to Gazillion’s casual, kid-friendly browser game Marvel Super Hero Squad. “This is gonna be the game for core gamers.

While the Marvel executives seemed happy to at least speak about the game in broad terms, the Gazillion execs were much more tight-lipped. After revealing that the game will, in fact, be a free-to-play game, Brevik refused to give any specifics about the game’s monetization strategy, suggesting only that it’s planned to be “the biggest triple-A free-to-play MMO designed that way from the ground up” and that the studio has “a lot of great ideas on how to monetize the game” that it was not yet ready to divulge.

Lind did note that the game is currently confirmed only for the PC platform, but avoided clarifying whether the game would play through a Web browser or through a downloadable client. However, a Gazillion representative did confirm that the game will be powered by Unreal technology. In terms of the game’s release schedule, the executives were again tight-lipped; Brevik explained that the game has been in development for “a little over a year, and is at least another year out…at least” but provided no further specifics.

Source: Gamespot


  1. no character creation?!
    what’s an online multiplayer game without it?
    i mean playing as your favorite super hero is cool but character creation is alot cooler,right?

  2. listen guys,

    the game is being released on June 4th and it completely different than marvel universe online… trust me I seen the Gameplay and its horrible.

    • actully its not gonna be horrible its classic diablo game play which is awesome, its different then most over mmos like carbon copys of wow if it wasnt like it is it wouldove probably been wow and a flop like most things that try to be wow are

  3. This game was a rumor years ago. The company making it has only released like 1 game ever, and it was a flop. I’ll be shocked if this thing launches instead of Marvel suing the devs.

  4. Prepare it to flop without character creation and make your own way through the marvel world what’s the point it will be just a arcade game should have looked how city of heroes did it and just made it better

  5. It will be great Marvel saw how sucessful DC universe online is and they want a piece of that pie ….. marvel usually overcomes DC games so we will see im pretty sure the creation zone will be much better than DC’s but hey ima marvel dude so if its better than DC im uninstalling it lol

    Sandman &Magneto FTW

    • Dcu isn’t a success lol the player base is terrible good concept with nice gfx and world i liked but lacking alot and people just left more and more using button bashing to do combos is a joke having 6 powers that you can use at one time and having to build up a points bar by silly hits just so u can do a normal attack just isn’t what a super powered game is it takes Away the fun of going in letting off nice looking attacks rather then trying to button bash punch to make enough points to do one city of heroes was going many many years with what ever attacks you wanted a endurance bar so u can tailor your character so it doesn’t get drained and just have mad fun with it only draw back was its engine age as its just shutdown after 9 years

  6. I think the Idea of being able to play a Marvel Hero is great but I would also like to see if you can combine Powers or make your own Char. from scratch because it made the game more personal. I think the Graphic should be like DC Universe because it was great to look at. Total Free 2 Play would be nice so there won’t be anybody who is better because they have more Money than the most. Like Guild Wars, just purchase the Game either Online or in a Store and install. DLC would be normal so that would have to be bought to Play but if everyone’s equal then it should be okay. The Mentor system wasn’t that bad but it would be stupid for this Genre so an option to create a Char. would be nice with features from some heroes. Hawkeye and others that don’t really have powers would be left out of course but other things (some ideas are there) would make the Game unique. I know(of course) that these ideas will never make it to the Developers but I hope for ONCE to see an MMORPG that isn’t like WoW….

    • Be prepared to be disappointed then, You won’t be able to create a hero, but rather have to play as a existing hero!

  7. I thought they canceled this game? I had heard Champions online was originally supposed to be Marvel universe online….man I’m confused now. =P Good news for us marvel fans though!


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