It’s time to bring the heat and go to war in Conqueror’s Blade‘s fifth season, Legacy of Fire, which is live today. The season opens up the game’s first new region since launch, Anadolou, with players set to “embark on a doomed campaign” that follows the rise of the mighty Anadolou Empire.

The path through the Empire will be blazed by a pair of new units that employ fire as their main source of damage. The Zykalian Militia hurls grenades consisting of an earthenware container filled with hellfire, while the Siphonarioi are armed with hand-held flamethrowers. In addition, players can “upgrade” existing units — Spear Sergeants and Men-at-Arms — by recruiting them into the Symmachean Brotherhood.

The new season also comes with the usual spate of rewards via the season’s battle pass and weapon skins and other rewards that can be purchased with the seasonal tokens. Hit up the Conqueror’s Blade website to learn more about Season V.


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