In any real battlefield there are always unsung heroes, the medics who risk life and limb to help others with their own life and subsequent limbs. In the case of a team-oriented FPS not everyone enjoys being on the frontline of battle, but everyone enjoys showering a good medic with praise and gratitude. So while Hawken may be a battlefield filled with robots engaged in a perpetual slug match of explosive proportions, there was still a supportive niche to be filled. With the latest patch set to launch tomorrow, Hawken is adding its first support mech: The Technician.

The Technician marks the first mech with an active healing tool which can heal allies or damages enemies. Regardless of the intended target, while actively adding or removing health the gun also heals the Technician making it a two for one exchange. In addition the Technician also has a stacking corrosive weapon which causes enemies to take increased damage and a sawed-off twin cannon making this mech no slouch in the damage department.

The update will also add a brand new large-scale map called Front Line which features a mixture of wide open areas for all out brawls and an assortment of alleys, tunnels, and narrow passageways for those who prefer a more sneaky approach.

A complete weapon balance overhaul is also in store which will bring burst damage down and increase the viability of automatic weapons within their specific combat ranges.

You can check out the complete patch notes here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.



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