Meet Siravaen, A Sea Elf Captain ESO Players Will Sail Alongside In The Defense Of Galen

Siravaen is one of a handful of characters players will encounter in the Firesong DLC.

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ESO Captain Siravaen

The upcoming Firesong DLC and Update 36 patches arriving in November for The Elder Scrolls Online are nearly here. Ahead of their release, Zenimax has published a blog introducing Siravaen, a Sea Elf captain charting the course of her Gilded Blades who has no love for the notorious pirates of the Dreadsail.

Throughout the post, viewers get clued in on her involvement with the troubles brewing around the island of Galen through Sergeant Visbert of House Mornard. Count Mornard is quarreling with the Dreadsails moored near the ruins of Castle Tonnere on Galen's western shores, prompting the noble to send Visbert to scout the area until he runs into Siravaen and her crewmates. His encounter with Siravaen explains that she's hunting someone bound to investigate the old ruins after spinning quite the tale to lure them in.

However, Siravaen's intentions are a mystery and it's unclear why she is against the Dreadsails and runs her own crew. Players will likely have some part to play in her journey just as much as theirs. More about her will be revealed when the patch drops on November 1 for PC/Mac and November 15 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

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