Microsoft Is Cutting The Cord On Mixer; Ninja, Shroud, Others Free To Stream Anywhere

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

The grand Mixer experiment is over. The Microsoft streaming service, which debuted as "Beam" in 2016 and made headlines when it inked Ninja to an exclusive deal last August and Shroud in October, will close its doors on July 22, with partners and streamers transitioned to Facebook Gaming immediately.

Microsoft's Phil Spencer told The Verge that they "started pretty far behind" other streaming services in terms of audience compared to other "big players" in the field, and apparently even the presence of top-tier streamers wasn't enough to make the platform profitable.

Speaking of those big streamers, they'll be doing just fine -- and won't be going to Facebook. As industry analyst Rod Breslau points out, Facebook made an "insane offer" but was declined:

Ninja made his mark on the gaming world by streaming Fortnite: Battle Royale to literally millions of people, granting him the kind of cross-cultural gravitas that Mixer apparently was willing to shell out eight digits for. In the end, though, his presence wasn't enough to keep the platform from folding, which The Verge describes as "broadening the appeal of its upcoming xCloud game streaming service and its overall gaming efforts."

In likely unrelated news -- these things take a long time to develop, after all -- just last night, a former Mixer employee made a blog post detailing the systemic racism that was a part of the company. It's just a bad way to end things, on multiple levels.

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Discussion (3)

Cloak 3 years ago
Ugh, Back to thot . tv. I mean TwITSH.

mamut 3 years ago
hope twitch wont accept ninja back to stream after shittalks to em

rickshaw 3 years ago
TBH these guys just milked the cow as I have watched them once and it was for a few minutes, there are far better NONE steamers out there.
And Microsoft are very smart at realizing its best to bail.

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