A new feature has been added to Bohemia Interactive’s survival game Vigor. The Legacy Season is a kind of battle pass season that offers players the opportunity to get their hands on things they may have missed from the game’s previous seasonal content. This first Legacy season grants players access to Season 1: Preppers content, it also grants season purchasers dual progress.

The great news about the Legacy season is that it addresses players on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch who came into the game at a later point and missed being able to earn some of the content not due to anything they did gameplay-wise. Those who elect to play Legacy content will be doing so alongside the current season of content, which means a double bounty of rewards. It should be noted, however, that players need to own the Premium Battle Pass for the season in question in order to actually do anything with it.

In addition to the Legacy System, Bohemia also announced an upcoming Double XP weekend, during which Vigor partners and devs will be hanging out in the game’s lobby. There will also be some special packs. One is a “Thank you Charity Pack” containing a Healthcare Mask, a Firefighters Mask, and a Police Mask. The proceeds from sales of this pack will go to the Brno University Hospital to be used to purchase plasma disinfectors. The other pack is a special free pack for PlayStation Plus subscribers, The Outlander Pack. This contains the following:

  • Limited Edition Blue variant of the Outlander Uniform
  • 5x M2 Carbine + 50x ammo
  • 5x Izh43 + 60x ammo
  • 5x A74-K + 120x ammo
  • 5x Combat Magnum + 40x ammo
  • 5x M249 + 400x ammo
  • 5x MP5-K SD3 + 160x ammo

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