We speculated on it earlier this year — and heck, players have been speculating about it for nearly 10 years — but Turbine made it official this week, all but officially announcing an expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online for next year that would take players to Sauron’s domain in Mordor.

You can get the confirmation in the above dev video at about the 11-minute mark, where Executive Producer Dan “Severlin” Ciccolini says that:

“We’re definitely excited about visiting Mordor in an expansion, and we’re hoping to really start talking about that with our anniversary… to build up excitement. We’re hoping that players are as excited as we are to do that.”

That 10-year anniversary would be in April of 2017 — and just to clarify, that’s when Turbine says they’ll talk about the expansion, not when it’ll be launched, just to nip that little bit of potential misinformation in the bud.

So yay, Mordor! Though for this LotRO player, it’s come a little too late, and for many others, the game engine’s creakiness and age is enough to put them off returning, or starting up if they’ve never played. Will you be journeying to Mordor in 2017?



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