From the time Frodo and Sam about five months to leave their homes in the Shire and reach Mordor. Now, a mere 123 months since its launch in April 2017, The Lord of the Rings Online players can also breach Sauron’s realm.

Following a brief delay, the Mordor expansion for LotRO is now live, bringing with it a new level cap (115), over 300 new quests, a new allegiance system, crafting updates, and a new race, the high elf. The five new areas explore Mordor after the downfall of Sauron, taking players all the way to the shattered remains of Barad-dur, the base of Sauron’s power in Middle-earth.

You can purchase the expansion in one of three packages, costing $39.99, $79.99, and $129.99; keep in mind that the high elf race is only included in the two more expensive packages, a decision that has caused Standing Stone Games to come under a little fire from fans. If you’re the patient type, and have plenty of LotRO Points saved up, you can wait until later this winter, when the expansion will be available for 2,495 points, with high elves costing an extra 1,000 points.

Full release notes are available on the LotRO forums.


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