MMO developers are notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to details about their upcoming content, especially when it’s a big expansion. Over the weekend, however, Standing Stone Games sent forth so much information about the upcoming Mordor expansion for The Lord of the Rings Online that even the Mouth of Sauron would have a hard time putting it all into words.

As revealed during a livestream on Friday, which you can view above, the expansion will raise the level cap by 10, to 115, along with a new race, high elves, a new tier of crafting, and virtues raised to 20. Mordor itself consists of five regions, and players will also get to travel to Erebor, The Lonely Mountain, the ultimate goal of Thorin and his dwarves in The Hobbit. Most importantly, barbershops will now let you change all aspects of your character’s appearance, except for race. No, you still can’t be a female dwarf.

If you learn more about Mordor, take a look at The Bearded Minstrel’s extensive breakdown of what’s currently on the Bullroarer test server. If video is more to your liking, you can check out a series of walkthrough videos made by a fan on Bullroarer:

Barad-dur (collapsed!)


Cirith Ungol

Mount Doom



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