Mounted combat has finally made its way into Dragon’s Prophet. The MMORPG’s EU publisher Infernum announced the new mounted combat update would be added to Dragon’s Prophet today, bringing with it three new ways to fight alongside your dragon of choice. The new system now allows players to choose their dragons based on the more traditional MMO roles they wish to fill such as Tank, Heals, and DPS.

Depending on the dragon type, mounting a particular dragon will give players access to brand new abilities specific to one of those roles. Players who ride Paragon or Stalwart dragons for example, gain access to a taunt, while enjoying improved survivability and other new abilities which boost their party members damage.

A dragon’s energy drains while mounted, which does mean a player is limited to how long they can enjoy their new found abilities. Perhaps most discouraging however, is the fact that players cannot remount their dragon in a fight once dismounted although Infernuum did mention the feature may be implemented later on.

Mounted combat is available in all open areas, but is currently limited to PvE and doesn’t appear to include aerial combat, at least for now. The patch also added a new high-level dungeon called “Shrine of Handras” which contains five boss fights including a mysterious skeletal dragon as the final boss. No word yet on when SOE will – presumably- implement the patch on the North American servers.

For more detailed information on Dragon’s Prophet’s mounted combat check out the full forum post here.

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  1. In my opinion, DP is actually fun at times. Combo based combat is quite engaging and much more satisfying than Tera`s. The dragons come in variety of forms, and while total number is limited to 6 for free player – thats more than enough, as long as you are not pet collector.
    As for stability – it runs poorly on x64, so I deleted it and run x32 with Sweet Shader on. Works fine for me.


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