MU Legend, the dungeon crawler MMO from Webzen, is making its way to Steam. No. It’s not there yet, but it will be sometime in August. (And in the meantime it does have a game page where those interested in it can do the whole wishlist thing.)

Since the game has been available to play via the Webzen site, this means that players will now face the choice of sticking with the client they have or grabbing it via Steam — just to have everything in one place. (It’s also worth noting that I haven’t found anything saying how easy it will be to transfer an account to Steam, for those who wish to do so.)

That aside, the game should get a nice boost in players for at least a little while after the August launch — always good news.

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  1. MU Legend is still going? 75% of the players left right after launch when they removed any way of trading items and more casual players couldn’t repair their armor or open Cubes to get better gear.

    • Same here. I actually upgraded my computer and tried to play it again, only the optimization features seemed to have gotten worse.

  2. Very boring and repetetive, it was ok till u reach max level, then daily instances over and over and over and over every day same, there is nothing in game just few instances wich u will go everyday, most of them are so boring , most of time there u wast by moving from point A to point B and first who run clean everything ,game performance is so bad on 1080ti u have less then 30 fps in crowds and you can have good fps on low end GPU such amateurs made this game, GAME IS PAY TO WIN also, classes are pretty same just skill animation is different, Auction house is almost locked for those who pay, who can put there few items only with huge tax. first Mu was 100000000000 times better! And almost forgot, neverending bots and gold sellers ! Its a dead game now dont waste your money !

    • yes and i had no issue because my pc wasn’t junk

      but even without that issue the game is just a generic garbage chinese rip off that everyone should avoid


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