Players of Mu Online will find a lot of familiar elements, as well as quite a few new things to enjoy, in the upcoming Mu Legend. Webzen today released some details regarding its upcoming MMO ARPG, currently in closed beta, blending nostalgia with new elements to please fans old and new alike.

Mu Legend takes place prior to Mu Online, “before Kundun’s domination of the Mu continent.” Old haunts such as Litenberg, Noria, and Blood Castle will be mostly familiar to players, while wings have been “revamped and now play an even more important role, introducing a brand-new enhancement system for players to master.” Old pets/mounts Fenrirs, Unirias, and Tibettons return, along with treasures like the Jewels of Bless and Soul.

There’s plenty in the game that’s new, though, such as the cities of Dudrin, Tempano, and Ohrdor, and players will be able to “grind for amazing equipment on Litenberg.” Hey, at least they’re not hiding the fact that it’s grindy! While the level cap is only 65, there’s a Soul Level System that goes to 500 and will keep players occupied for a long time. PvP comes in flavors of 1v1, 3v3, and “guild wars featuring epic battles for territories.”

With open beta nearing, Webzen promises to have videos for all of these features in the near future. For now, you’ll have to satisfy yourself with a brief introductory cinematic:

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  1. are you sure the game is in closed beta right now? Because i played the last closed beta and that was many months ago and i havent heard anything since then.


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