MU Online, Webzen’s free to play MMORPG, is getting ready to drop its next expansion on April 7th and in addition to a level cap increase, new server, and many more features, the expansion also adds a third female character to the roster in the Grow Lancer.

Season X Part 1 & 2 will bring out the Grow Lancer. Grow Lancer is a melee class that uses a lance as her main weapon. Depending on the stats, Grow Lancers can have strong physical damage or elemental damage, making them diversely proficient in both hunting and PvP.

Season X Part 1 & 2 will also take players to the 5th region of the Acheron continent, Nars, where players will be able to obtain a new type of Muun mount and pentagrams dropped by the mighty boss, the Core Magriffy. In addition, the Tormented Square (Battle) will be added. This map is a different version of the Tormented Square (Survival of the fittest). Players can earn higher EXP and rare items from the Chaos Goblins that randomly appears in this area.

Stay tuned, as tomorrow we’ll be posting our interview with Junhyuk Lim, Chief of the MU Online Studio, where we break down the expansion and everything MU Online fans can look forward to experiencing!

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  1. It was a good game with great graphics back in the days when it just came out. Was one of the first MMO’s I played a lot and back then I loved the hack and slash style and camping in front of town killing everybody because I was bored. But I doubt a new class would bring back players.
    Sad that their other games such as Huxley (tested it in korean) never came out and was shut down because it was good.

  2. This was a great game years ago. I didnt think it was still around. Private servers were the best of this game. Dont think I could bring myself back to playing it again, unless I was really really really bored.


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