This Means Warp Gets First-Ever Early Access Update Today, Bringing New Modes And Difficulty Settings

Its first-ever Early Access update is shaking things up.

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Published by Jagex Partners and developed under Outlier Games, multiplayer spaceship management roguelike "This Means Warp" receives its first-ever Early Access update that introduces new game modes, advanced difficulty settings, unique enemies, and exciting missions.

This Means Warp has been in Early Access since March 17, 2022 and already has an update that raises the stakes. With up to three friends, you can journey across the a galaxy that often involves hectic, real-time space battles with a strategic edge. The bulk of the game is about surviving the encounters you face with friends and balancing spaceship resources. The new update hopes to maintain that, but bring greater focus to the replayability aspect of This Means Warp.

One such instance is the new game mode scenarios with "curated experiences that change up the gameplay with different rules for each new run." From each successful run, you'll get closer to unlocking "Custom Mode," which lets players edit the run themselves to craft challenges in their way.

Following that is the all-new "Nightmare" difficulty, cranking up the madness for players who beat the game on "Hard." There are progressively more powerful enemies that'll test the skills of all crewmates involved and, before long, you'll run into the new enemies and mission trickled into runs to bring some variety.

To commemorate the occasion, the Technical Director and Co-founder of Outlier Games, Paul Froggatt, showered the player base with positive news thanks to their support:

“We’ve been blown away by the positive reception for This Means Warp since its early access launch last month. We see this first update as a way of delivering on the promise of the game to our growing community, by providing more variety and more ways to play the game while we continue to work on the long-term roadmap. We can’t wait to show them what we’ve been working on and prove our commitment to making This Means Warp a truly community-driven game."

Are you interested in jumping into the Early Access of This Means Warp after the news? Let's hear about it below! You can learn more about the update on This Means Warp's Steam page.

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