MultiVersus Reveals Stripe Release For Next Week, Teases Ranged/Melee Hybrid-Like Moveset

"Next week is going to get a bit chaotic."

Anthony Jones
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MultiVersus Stripe Tease Reveal

Warner Bros. has teased the launch of the highly-anticipated Stripe character from the Gremlins series in MultiVersus on Twitter. The post is a short video clip with a caption that says, "next week is going to get a bit chaotic," depicting evil gremlins maniacally laughing and scratching away at a projector screen showing Gizmo in-game. Confirming Stripe's spot on the roster was another post that shows off his ranged/melee hybrid-like moveset ahead of next week.

The exact date of when Stripe will be available is still a mystery, although the recent character addition, Rick Sanchez, was added on a Tuesday, so maybe a release will happen early next week. In the meantime, players can speculate over Stripe's playstyle thanks to the new card reveal from the developers.

Stripe will be classified as an Assassin class character stringing together "Nasty Swipes," a combo of claw swings ending with a bite, and "Sharpshooter," an ability that fires a projectiles up close or far away. He even has his signature chainsaw used with the "Chain(saw) Reaction" move that revs it up and shoots him forward. The characterization of his moveset makes out Stripe as an aggressive character coming to the roster but also shows a range of movement/flexibility. It's a partial tease of his capabilities; however, which may change depending on how he well he ends up doing in-game.

Are you looking forward to, hopefully, trying out Stripe sometime next week? Let us know below!

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