Naraka: Bladepoint Introduces New Character, Wuchen, The Mystic Daoist

Manipulate qi to use spirit blades against your enemies.

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Naraka Bladepoint Wuchen

Yesterday, 24 Entertainment and NetEase dropped a new update for their 60-player martial arts battle royale Naraka: Bladepoint. The update introduced new map locations and limited-time modes as well as an all-new playable character named Wuchen.

The new hero carries both the blood of common people and that of the Heralds, making him an outcast among both kinds -- at least for a while. He was eventually taken on as a pupil by the Heralds’ leader and is now a master of the Mystic Daoist arts.

Wuchen has the ability to manipulate qi and turn it into weapons, such as spirit blades, that he can then pull from the air and use in his attacks. They can be thrown individually or all at once and are even used to reduce the durability of enemy weapons. In some cases, rather than throwing the weapons themselves, the summoned blades will attack nearby enemies on their own, but offer the same benefit of dropping the enemy’s weapon durability.

Another of Wuchen’s abilities allows him to open rifts that help reduce damage to allies and allow for them to be teleported to safety. If their health is high enough, the teleportation will also grant allies an attack boost. A variant of these portals can also be used to allow Wuchen’s allies to move from one point to another on the field freely. Some ranged projectiles can also travel through the portals, making for some sneaky attacks.

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