Blade & Soul will be coming to North American shores later this year or early next, and NCSoft is saying all the right things when it comes to its monetization.

Blade & Soul’s free-to-play model will allow players unrestricted access to all content, charging real money only for convenience and cosmetic items. Players will also be able to earn currency in game to buy many of these items. In addition, there will be an subscription option that provides quality-of-life benefits and, in the example described in the press release, “cool special effects for their Windwalk skill and boosts to XP and currency drop rates.” The membership system will be tiered, increasing in tier with purchases made both with real money and in-game, and offering greater rewards as the tier increases.

You won’t have to wait long to start spending money on Blade & Soul; digital pre-purchase packs will be available sometime this summer. You can find the full details of the business model here.

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  1. Just like f****** always i they take ages to bring the game to western that by the time it comes here we’re alredy hyped for another game , and what annoys me is that i feel like the same s*** going to happen with BD , by the time it gets here we’ll be looking for something else.

  2. This game was fun, but after playing a character to lvl cap in the Chinese version and 3 characters to lvl cap in the Japanese version I don’t think I can do it again in another version just because. As others said, it’s just been plain too long to get here in my opinion. I think those that haven’t played should definitely try it but for the rest of us that played it out of impatience through other versions will just skip it this time around.

    • I really wish this had come along in a more timely manner, now it just feels like old news.

      I’m not really a big fan of TERA. Mostly because i don’t want to fight boring, easy enemies up until level cap, where I actually get to have a fun challenge..

  3. “currency drop rate” is not a “competitive advantage”???

    thought currency and gold always make a player more well equipped from buying other players stuff or upgrades…

    where’s those gold farmers at?

  4. It’s a game that received quite a bit of hype when it was first announced but it took much too long to launch in NA. I don’t think it will have quite the same fan base as back then but announcing it’s going to be F2P might bring some hype back into it.

  5. i somehow doubt that after so many years this will live up to people’s expectations, something tells me it will end up like ArcheAge – servers full for the first few months and then all empty and being merged

    i was really hyped about this game at around 2009/2010, but after a few years i even forgot about it, since news only came out about the chinese and korean version and at some point i stopped caring

    i tried the russian version, but my russian isnt very good so i had trouble completing the tutorial since it required me to do something i didnt even understand so i stopped there

    • I don’t think it’d be as bad as archeage, but I do know that A LOT of people have been waiting for this game and they still are. I, for one cant wait for this game because it’s super fun.


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