Almost 10 Minutes Of Gameplay Revealed For NCSoft’s Next MMO: An Open-World Third-Person Shooter

The currently-titled Project LLL is scheduled to release in 2024.

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Project LLL Reveal

Despite what the video would have you believe, shooter MMOs have existed for a while now, but fans of Destiny 2 and games of that ilk may want to see what NCSoft is cooking up.

A new open-world shooter MMO is in production at NCSoft. Before fans of that genre get too excited, note that the project is in early enough development that its title is still the codename – Project LLL. Currently, it is slated to be released in 2024, but when in 2024 we don’t know. We can’t even tell you what quarter yet.

That said, NCSoft is apparently ready to get the hype train rolling. The developer released a nine-minute gameplay trailer last night via GameSpot. It’s in Korean and without subtitles, but it should be enough to give players a feel for it. I will say that some of the weapons the player is using seem to be pretty cool, although they probably need to be considering everything they’re going up against.

Based on what we see in the video, we’re looking at another apocalyptic world. The "why" and the "how" we’ll have to wait on, but obviously there’s a war going on and it involves mutants, giant mechs, and everything else you’d expect in a futuristic sci-fi war.

Those interested can take a peek at the video below. Note that beyond exploring the world and shooting at things, there’s not much else in the way of information about the game. We’re not sure exactly what, if any, traditional MMO elements will be pulled into the game.

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