You might know that NCSoft owns a baseball team in the KBO league, Korea’s highest-level baseball league. Last night, the NC Dinos won the league championship and they celebrated not with a trophy but with a giant replica sword.

As it turns out, the sword is from the Lineage series of games, and it’s the Execution Sword, described as “One of the biggest items in the game”:

Yes, it hurts a little bit to see NCSoft referred to as being “well-known for their mobile games.” Remember when they made PC games, too?

You can see a longer video of the sword-awarding ceremony in the video below, where it’s pulled out of its plastic casing by player #25, catcher Yang Eui-Ji. I think that act now makes him the king, or at least president, of Korea. Good thing he looks snazzy in a tuxedo.

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