NCSoft released its third quarter financial data today and it seems like the company is doing very well. I mean, VERY well. Sales, Net Income, Operating Profit: they’re all up not only quarter over quarter, but also year over year. How much over? Well, Operating Profit alone is up 190% year over year(a 190% IMPROVEMENT so that’s really like 290% up!). Yeah, way up. Think just shy of $50 million USD last quarter at for the parent component compared to over $73 million this quarter in just operating profit alone.

What games are driving this margin? Maybe not the ones you’d first think of, at least for many Western players.

We all know WildStar’s having a bit of a rough time justifying a subscription and the data helps support that. Sales of the MMORPG are down quarter over quarter by almost 43%. Yes, I hear you. The game could be expected to report lower this quarter than last (since the launch and initial income was last quarter) but that’s still a significant drop and WildStar sales even sank below sales for Guild Wars 2 (which also had a slight drop overall). At this rate, free-to-play may come sooner rather than later.

So if those two titles had a drop in sales, who picked up the slack? Lineage and Aion. That’s right the original Lineage, released in 1998, is still such a powerhouse in the East that it drove almost a third of NCSoft’s Consolidated Sales. Aion is also still going strong even if it only performed half as well as Lineage in the third quarter.


What’s most surprising to me though (besides WildStar almost losing in sales to Lineage II) is the stable nature of Blade & Soul. With as much hype as some players in the West have for the title, it doesn’t really seem to be growing much in the East, rather it just finds itself holding steady for the most part.

If you’re of the financial mind, head on over to NCSoft’s financial page and break it down even further.

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  1. Back before WildStar beta I said it would fail and everyone told me I was wrong. Looks like I was right again, 2/2 for games I said would fail that did.

  2. More like Free to Pay. Most F2P models as of late just make them so you can’t accomplish much in the game without constantly paying and usually point the player to a subscription solution which is more reasonably priced over the cash shop items. The part that interests me is how many pay the subscription and still feel the need to use the cash shops.

    • Wildstar didn’t have any 1st quarter sales since it released during the second quarter. So it would stand to reason something that had first quarter sales would be higher and the fact that its only 6,600 odd difference isn’t really that big of a gap considering.

  3. F2P for GW2 ? xD Guess never…moreover…I mean, it cost like 20 bucks on some sites, people is willing to pay a shitload of money for a grindy badly done F2P game, but not 20 bucks for one time only ? Guess people got some mental issues or addiction to gambling and stuff XD.
    Still it sold much less than expected in china, but ofc…it’s not an mmo suited at all for the eastern market, in wich you just have to put farm and grind and kawai shit in the store + gambling chests and weapon/armor upgrades with fail chance xD

    Still, too bad about Wildstar…awesome game , but aimed for hardcore players who like team coordinated stuff etc…can barely do anything without a well prepared group…and you can’t run an MMO on the minority of elitist players :/

  4. That is surprising. wildstar will go f2p soon. i’m surprise it haven’t yet. also sad news about blade and soul. but also not much of a surprise. because of all the mmos coming and that are going to come out. takes the hype away from it. but if and whenever BnS comes to the west. i’ll play it. for the story and the combat lol.

    • Actually combat isn’t that great :/ Tried it in a private server, it’s badly done and just gives barely the impression of an actual action combat….it was just a tiny bit more action of Tera (wich still isn’t an action combat AT ALL)
      Still, everyone have it’s tastes…some say it’s a lot similar to GW2, but i’ve tried both well…and they feel deeply different :/ BnS is more fast paced for sure…but that’s all it have imo.


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