Things are looking way up for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons themed MMO Neverwinter. Today, publisher Perfect World announced that the game now has over 12 million players scattered across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 7 million of these players play on the long standing PC version, however, with less than two months under its belt the PS4 version already has more than 2 million players of its own. Xbox One supplies another 3 million to that 12 million total.

Neverwinter’s popularity ties into that of the currently booming appreciation of Dungeons & Dragons as a whole. Developer Cryptic Studios works in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast to bring the story lines of the game together with that of other D&D content, including those in novels and the tabletop game’s narrative.


  1. 7 million on PC? HAHAHAHA. Yeah, let’s say that about 6 million of those are double accounts, unused accounts or goldsellers. Which still makes the other 1 million a bit dubious. Probably in those 1 million active accounts there’s another 50% double accounts and those that play the game for a short time and just quit.

    Technically they’re not lying, but the reality is much harsher for them.

  2. Another PR article.
    How do we now they have 12 mil players? Because they said so? Then I can say how I had 10 000 girlfriends in my life and you would believe me right?

    developers/publishers are scammers and all they say is a lie.. I would be surprised if they even have 12 mil registered accounts ever,

    or look at that moba game or card game where they brag also about player count but NEVER acctualy show the real numbers. The whole gaming industry is nothing but a scam.

    • WEll, they use “legal terms” that is, the most lying thing legally they can say. The detail is in the small print. They have 12 mil… but that is registered emails… they wont tell us how many users online actively playing. Which is probably around 500 US / 1500 EU (EU is a cancer gaming world that supoprts bad games. )

  3. 12MM registered accounts ever, across all platforms. Much different than 12MM players. And if daily quest grinding with minimal progression is your idea of fun, then this is the game for you. Played since beta but it finally ground me down. Plus that daily quest progression is tied to player power in the form of stat boosts so if you skip an expansion or don’t grind to the max available, your character is forever slightly gimped, but gimped all the same.

  4. If the playerbase is getting as big as WoW used to be I might check it out. I wasn’t into this game but I might check it out now see if it’s worth investing time into.

    • this piece of crap is not even Dungeons & Dragons

      if you want to play a real online Dungeons & Dragons game, play DDO

      where you pick the wrong stats and you realize you messed up your character after about a weeks worth of playing

      dont waste your time with this garbage

      • Indeed, glad to see i’m not alone in not seeing any D&D in this pile of crap. DDO on the other hand yeah, true D&D and about the only one true D&D mmo.


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