Neverwinter combat league

If you like Neverwinter PvP, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have a new way for you to get your killin’ on and score sweet prizes to boot.

The Neverwinter Combat League divides PvP competition into seasons, the first of which started on Wednesday. Characters who are level 10 or higher and eligible for Domination PvP can participate. They’ll be ranked based on team and individual performance, accumulating tokens they can use to purchase mounts and special equipment, and they can boast of their fighting prowess on ranked leaderboards.

The semi-bad news is that the NCL is currently only available to PC players of Neverwinter, though there are plans to bring it to the Xbox One in the future.


  1. Pure pay2win garbage. Experienced, geared to the teeth premades fighting random pick up groups in blues and greens. Not to mention new mounts with OP bonuses like 4,000 run speed when slotted, and another soon to release which gives 35% AP refill on a daily. Think about, 35%. Every since mod 6 and the difficulty changes Cryptic and PWE have picked the direction for this game which is mainly for the best in slot, high geared pay2win crowd. Casuals, delete this game because with strongholds it’s only going to get worse. Go find an MMO that’s actually fun. Go find PvP that’s actually fun where you’re not stomped on by PvP guild premades from those top guilds that have exploited AD, bot farmed, etc. to get to the top like Essence of Aggression, Midnight Express, Absolute, The Chocolate Factory, Strawberry Yakuza, Gravity, Purple Dragons. Cryptic is still daft enough to think these guys actually have paid to get to the top and so they cater the game to them as Steam Charts show how the population keeps decreasing.

    If you’re not going to exploit AD, bot far, then the only option is paying. Sound good? Try upwards of ten thousand USD PER toon to gear up to best in slot. Yea, have fun farming all that for the next decade with no life. 🙂

  2. PVP could have been good in this game, the combat system is interesting. However, the devs are clueless when it come to balance. Game’s been out for awhile and there’s still rogues running around with permanent stealth that are able to kill you while remaining invisible from what I understand. Then there’s the issue with the wallet warriors running around with BIS enchants that would take years for a free to play player to grind out.

    • It’s no surprise looking at the league to find the top is all paladins, rogues and control wizards – by far the most powerful classes in PvP. When your performance depends first on class, second on gear and a distant third on skill there’s a problem.

  3. they have the sickest mount ever available for in game work. zen on pc is so over inflated, its impossible to open those boxes. but if one were to play constant pvp matches for 6 days straight with no wait time in between matches, no sleep, no breaks at all, you’d still only get an average of about 2000 of the currency required for the 1500 mount. but that’s CONSTANT play. they dont want anyone winning. and what’s wrong with this game, nothing is ever fully explained. yeah, gain this currency, but is it usuable past this week or is the entire month just gunna be hopeless

  4. This isn’t good news unfortunately. PvP in Neverwinter is pretty poor, with practically no balance (it feels like PvP is an afterthought). It’s also where the pay to win aspects of the game are the strongest, so this is encouraging those people to farm. Most people with non-pvp gear will just be one shotted every time they move.

    • tera has similiar issues but it’s because high levels come to low level zones and one shot low levels for amusement which in the end reduces the playerbase due to rage quitters, it’s a shame these games always have garbage pvp balance, like really why would you let a guy 10 levels above you one shot you, where is the fun in pvping if a lower level stands no chance?…


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