It’s time for another class update information drop from the Neverwinter team. This week, the devs take a look at the Wizard and Ranger classes in a couple of new blogs on the game’s site.

As with the previous classes, each of the posts offers just a general look at what players can expect when the updates are completed — focusing on paragon paths. In the case of the Wizard, the post discusses the Arcanist — which uses arcane and electrical magic in its attacks, and the Thaumaturge — who controls fire and ice. The Thaumaturge’s elemental abilities can be combined, making for a bad day for anything it hits. As for the Wizard, who doesn’t want to summon electrical storms to attack their enemies?

Moving on to the Ranger, the devs once again offer a brief look at the class’s paragon paths — the Hunter and the Warden. The Hunter uses powerful ranged attacks combined with melee attacks — as well as the occasional bear trap to control its enemies and cause the most damage from the safest possible distance. The Warden is nature oriented, using lightning and roots to defeat their enemies. When teamed with others, the Warden boosts the offense and defense of the group, although it can reduce its own defense and apply that power to its offense.

In the case of both the Wizard and the Ranger, it appears they’re not getting quite the same amount of love as some of the already discussed classes, but they are getting some. If you’d like to read the full posts for each of these, you can check them out at the links above.

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