Anyone who’s played Neverwinter can tell you just how confusing the MMO’s currency system really is. The game utilizes at least 3 separate currencies (not including tokens earned to purchase gear sets) with the most important currency being the Astral Diamond. This is gained from doing daily quests and other means and is used for quite a few of the game’s important gear vendors as well as the player auction house. Over the weekend players began exploiting a bug in the auction house which saw an influx of billions of Astral Diamonds into the market. Suddenly the world of Neverwinter was in chaos.

While initially this may seem like a simple fix consider this, Astral Diamonds are able to be traded in exchange for Zen which is Perfect World’s real world cash shop currency. The sudden flood of Diamonds meant players were trading in massive amounts of the currency and, in turn, purchasing everything available in the cash shop. All of this meant a huge plummet in the value of Zen leading to Perfect World performing an emergency maintenance which lasted several hours, whereby the publisher initiated a seven hour rollback in order to correct the currency issues.

What this means is, if you played at all yesterday (May 19th) beginning at 5:20AM PST your progression is gone, like it never happened. To make up for this the developers are putting together a package of items to give to everyone. The plan is to distribute the goods sometime this week, possibly on Friday 5/24. On the bright side of things, if you happened to spend any money on ZEN during that period you will be getting all of it back as well.

So just how is Cryptic/Perfect World handling those who participated in the exploit? Several players have stated that they have begun to receive light bans, totalling no more than 72 hours. On Reddit there is even talk of players who exploited the bug and cashed out to make thousands of real world dollars, some of whom say they still have characters acting as mules carrying large quantities of gear that Cryptic studios has yet to remove. Other players have mentioned that the exploit had actually been in the game since closed beta and despite reporting the issue, Cryptic had done nothing to address the bug until it was too late.

For now the Auction House remains offline and no doubt the developers are still in damage control mode attempting to deal with all of the ripple effects the exploit caused. If you’re interested in reading the full breakdown on the event and what was affected you can check out the official FAQ here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This company its so terrible. I asked them why they banned my account 3 days ago still no message from there support!!!!! I invested real money in this Game and now i just got banned for nothing? This feels like a fraud to me. Thx god i did not buy one of there founders packs. I never will make this mistake again an buy something from PWE. And other players should be carefull to about this company they take your hard earnd money just to close your account 3 days later.

  2. Feel bad for those who got off in the crossfire because I bet alot of legit people got banned lol..PWE never seazes to amaze me they offer games with innovative ideas but they manage it so bad.

  3. They just banned my main account without telling me why. I did not use this exploit i wasnt playing the last days. What is wrong with this Company? I bought ZEN and now i got banned???? For no reason with no message.

  4. omg, the sad part is to see the comments!

    seriously people? one bug and people saying “pwe just want or money” or “I knew this game would fail”?

    Nothing happened, the game is still running, people still playing, this is still a beta and your hate with pwe has NOTHING to do with an exploit of a bug… games have bugs, ALL of them, you people are just using this as an excuse to hate PWE or to hate the game because you didn’t like it

    grow up people, want to hate PWE, Cryptic or the game? Fine… but don’t use something unrelated to your hate to justify it

    • Are u a fanboy or just a devolper?

      Things like that shouldnt happen that late in a Beta and guess what? If they would listen to the community and bug reports and feedbacks, things like that wouldnt happen. So in a nutshell, the company has to deal with angry costumers. Imagine beeing one of the ppl that played regular only to realize on the next log in, that u made no progress at all. Does this make u happy? Not me sir.

      So grap ur lollie, calm down and play ur bugged game.

      • lol

        listen to community? that bug wasn’t there 1 week ago… the community can see the future now? they did listen the community and changed the game a lot

        this type of bug has nothing to do with “listen the community”, it is an unexpected bug, it can happen to any game, and in fact, do happen even after release, to many games

        made me happy? no… but when I heard about the bug I didn’t log in, I knew it could have a rollback, so nothing happened to me, I’m used to Betas, I know that when this happens, you don’t try to get an epic loot, you wait till they solve the problem

        and if you don’t expect bugs in Open Beta, you never played a game before, the Open Beta is the ONLY way for the company to test the game’s economy, because Closed Beta is too restricted, right now is when you test things like that

        “oh, a bug some people exploited” – fixed


        Am I a fanboy? no… but I’ve played hundreds of f2p, at least 30 closed betas, and things like this happens, but it is a beta, and no, beta is not for you to play early, is to find problems, and they found one, fixed and gave compensation to the players, something that many companies won’t do

        • Wrong Sir.
          If ur going Open Beta, most of the bugs should already be fixed. open Betas are here to maybe find some little bugs but more like to Test how the server works with more ppl on it and how the game can handle it,not to find a majority of bugs, thats what are closed betas here for.

          I dont play the game at all anymore, since they gave a damn about the bug reports. Sure, they fixed alot of things, but that was just gameplay, how the chars are moving and things like that. Not if i get 5weeks stuck at the same place over and over and im pretty sure that bug is still there.

          As an example, i reported a bug for marvel Heroes because i could made me stuck at benchs with spiderman, everytime. With the next patch, it was solved and thats how it should be done.

          Besides, if the company offers the option to take money from u for things already in Beta, this shouldnt just happen.

          • I’m wrong? you don’t even know how beta work

            the Open Beta is not only to test minor things, it is to test EVERYTHING that only a big number of players can test… this includes the economy, server, side quest bugs and etc. But not only that, this bug was not in there since the beginning like some people claimed, this bug was not in CBT, it did come with one of the maintenance they did, this happens with every game

            and again: “this shouldn’t happen”
            it WILL happen with EVERY game… there isn’t a single game in history that didn’t have bugs, they will always have bugs, even WoW, that is in the market for years, still have countless bugs, EVERY game have

            and about the pay thing, everybody was compensated for the problem, nobody lost money, they lost only time, but it is either that or losing all the economy… so your decision would be not to rollback? Nah, your decision would be to make a bug-free game, the first ever perfect game

          • Hard to belive that u ever was in any Alpha or Cbt.

            Sure, every game got some bugs but there is a diffrence beetween a bug that makes u stuck in a wall, or a bug like this.

            “and about the pay thing, everybody was compensated for the problem, nobody lost money, they lost only time”

            Enough said. That just proves that u dont know whats going on right now. troll anywhere else. Thank you

          • you still didn’t get it… you said that they needed to listen to the community to prevent this, nothing would prevent this kind of bug … it is not the first time things like that happened in mmos, they did take care of the situation right away and compensate with what they could, what more do you expect from them?

            and I know you won’t understand this either, so don’t bother to respond, because I won’t… you already think that I’m trolling, so any discussion with you is pointless

          • first at all, sry for the troll thingy, was mad at that moment. Sorry.

            Anyways, i never said that this bug wouldnt happen, if they would have listen to us in the cbt.
            I said if they would have listen at all, this may wouldnt have happend.

            – It took like 8 weeks for them, to fix that damn Aplha/Beta forum, so that we could log in, give Feedback and bug reports at all.
            – 1 moderator for a whole forum. That guy was sometimes online but most of the time not.
            – It wasnt the first time, that i had such a bad Aplha/Beta experince with a game of them

            Im not saying that the game is bad nor the Company, there are way much more out, that are such a waste but if u see how they sometimes handle things, it just makes me scratch my head.

            Besides, how many games out there, had such a problem with the AH like NW? I cant remember one.

        • This bug has been there since early beta. It was a bad code transfered over form STO. There are many sites with screenshots showing the bug in STO. They copied bad code from one game and placed it in the other. It hit overload a few days ago when the bug finally went viral. Why did it go viral??? BECAUSE they never fixed it! People since early beta reported the bug.

  5. Thats what u get for ignoring ur Beta Testers feedback and bug reports. I dont feel sorry at all. I did realize after 3 weeks of playing closed beta, that something will happen. They needed ages to fix the forum so we could log in and report bugs. With that experince, im not suprised right now. Its anyways just an avarage game.

  6. I have seen this problem since the Beta weekends .. i’m suprised they didn’t notice it before the game went open beta .. also the game isn’t only suffering from this issue but many more. I would think hard if I wish to continue playing Neverwinter in my opinion it is a failure .. The classes are unbalanced and GF – Guardian Fighter and GWF – Great weapon fighter seem to be out of place since they do almost no damage on 5 player dungeon.. It was a big mistake to choose GWF and not TR – Trickster rogue which seems to do more damage than what it should.

    The game was never ready for launch since these issues are still going on..

    However they did a good job with STO – Star Trek Online but I don’t know why they couldn’t do it with Neverwinter.

  7. couldn’t have happened to a better company. hope they got taken to the cleaners so badly they have to shut down the entire Perfect World and sell all its assets.

    too bad, so sad, I’m glad, be mad, got had, greedy lad

  8. Can all yall bitches stop calling companies “P2W” when you fags are the ones literally PAYING for their damn game! So stfu and its the communities fault and not the publishers/developers. Good day!

    • No? Pay2Win is a design. It is willingly done by the developer and host. Whether people pay for it or not is not relevant to Pay2Win as it is a design. Many people will not stand for it. Next time, try commenting with the foresight of someone more intelligent than a mongoloid.

  9. PWE …. I like playing Blacklight : R on and off but other then that I stay away from the other games in fact I have been doing less free to play games as it seems to me it’s getting bad with the make a fast buck.

  10. *reads comments*,*reads neverwinter forums*, “Wait a few moments while uninstall Nevewinter from your computer”

  11. Neverwinter chose to side with the exploiters over what is best for the game in the long run. Players , including myself are leaving in droves. I am walking away from a founders pack plus considerable cash shop investment. I will never play another Cryptic or PWE game again if the do not wipe those severs.

    • Agree… WTF did they do, did they think they all ppl was getting on that bug YESTERDAY?!?!?!? when i had few hours in week to play game, and BAHHHhhhh, what ive lvl upped just gone.. “if you played at all yesterday (May 19th) beginning at 5:20AM PST your progression is gone, like it never happened” wry, i played on 4 AM til 3 PM..

  12. Whaaat?! You can’t possibly be implying that PWE’s consistent greed has to lead to a massive, easily exploitable hole in their pay-to-win system. Hooligans, I say.

  13. I have read many posts and visited many sites. I have played this game in early beta and can confirm most of what people are complaining about to be true. This exploit has been there for a long time. It was reported at least a week ago, but apparently was ignored. It is confirmed that they transferred similar code from STO over that was proven to be exploitable. This is an outright failure on the development team to respond to bug reports… heck it is even worse than that, they were completely negligent by using bad code in the first place!

    The only reason this blew up into the massive firestorm we see now is because it became more and more viral as people realized how much they could benefit from the exploit and partially because it was ignored for so long like many other glitches and bugs.

  14. Haha i knew it when i was playing in close beta i notice about this bug and i reported i stop playing due that pwe rip off players with his high price cash shop, i know the second chaos is coming and is duping something that i check last time and is still not being fix!!!!

  15. I’m not surprised. I uninstalled the game the first day I played it. Extremely boring MMO, and I’m not surprised it’s riddled with exploits and a retarded economy. Honestly I don’t know how people can tolerate more than 10 minutes of that game. Same with Planetside 2.

  16. This is a joke. The AH exploit is just one of many that have been around for a very long time. Rolling back the servers 7 hours can’t even begin to undo the damage. The only reason they aren’t doing a wipe is because it would cost them even more customers.

    The game is just screwed. SO many people exploited, and now those players will have nothing to do because there is virtually no end game content. New players aren’t going to want to spend money on a game where the player base already has a huge advantage (and didn’t even have to pay for it).

    I predict a quick, painful death for Neverwinter. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to other MMO companies: don’t rush your product.

    • The server was rolled back and everyone who exploited was permanently banned, and the AH and the exchange are still down until they remove the AD that was exploited into the system before the rollback.

      There will likely be still exploited AD left since it would be a colossal job to remove it all, but I doubt it will take more than a week or two for the economy to normalize after the AH and the exchange are back online.

      I predict Neverwinter will drag out it’s parasitic existence, and make a major profit despite how bad it is. Because as bad as it is, there isn’t really anything much better going on anyway…

      • Nope, the rollback only undid the massive damage caused when the entire population became aware of all the exploits. Well over half the server had already exploited long before that, and you’d have to be pretty gullible to think that they banned so many people. Heck, you probably don’t even realize that most major exploiters muled off their ‘winnings’ and will NEVER be caught.

        It doesn’t matter if the AH normalizes (which it won’t, at least not 100%), the damage is so far reaching the only way to undo it would be with a complete wipe. Not to mention, there’s nothing to prevent something like this from happening again. Cryptic was made aware of these issues months ago and they did nothing.

  17. lmao! perfect world, this is what you get for never taking the customer truely into consideration! had that shit blow up in your face! all you do is copy and paste these bad systems in to place, and dont even bother catering to the customer!

  18. It is true though, people have been reporting bugs since Closed Beta, and a good majority of the bugs are STILL around that they have yet to fix.

    I don’t think this is due to Cryptic, I’m sure they want to fix it ASAP, it’s due to the greedy money making hands of Perfect World Entertainment, and trying to make as much money as possible. And now they’ve noticed people started leaving the game, which to them means less money, and it’s only NOW they start handing out bans.

    The sad part is, PWE won’t actually officially say Neverwinter is “Released”, they keep hiding behind their lousy excuse “It’s Open Beta”. Now players are hiding behind the very same same excuse they use “We only exploit to find bugs, because it’s Open Beta!”. See the irony here?

    Perfect World is a sad company, I’m not even sure how they’re still around with the crap they publish. Too bad Cryptic Sold out.

    • this is the truth, this has been going on since day one of open beta and they say 7 hour roll back would fix it all.

    • I’m not surprised. STO was horrible and bugs were ignored for multiple hotfixes and full content patches, yet there were nonstop additions to the cash shop… including when it was under the subscription model.

      Decent focus on content, but the company reeks of money-grubbing. Thus the reason this sits in “open beta”

      • Nonsense, there is no chance this was going on since the start.
        The exchange price started spiking less than 2 days before the exploit became public knowledge, when it permanently got stuck on the roof.

        While I agree that PWE are the lowest of the low, they handled the situation very well, though quite slowly.
        The longer they made the rollback the bigger the uproar would be, they rolled back just enough to get rid of the major bulk of the exploited AD that came after the exploit went public.
        The AH and the exchange are likely to be down for a couple days longer for them to manually remove the billions of exploited AD that are still in the system from the exploiting prior to the rollback.
        They pretty much did what I would have done tbh, though I’d have shut down the server minutes after the it went public, not half a day later 😛


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