On March 17, evil has a new name. Well, technically it doesn’t, it just has a new adjective: Elemental. As in Elemental Evil. As in the sixth expansion for Neverwinter. Which comes out March 17. Gee, this all sounded better in my head…

Yes, Neverwinter: Elemental Evil drops March 17, featuring villainous cultists, the new paladin class, a level-cap raise, from 60 to 70, and — I’m going to quote directly from the press release here — “the return of Minsc & Boo – the ranger and miniature giant space hamster from the Baldur’s Gate series.”

Miniature. Giant. Space. Hamster. Hey, I think I saw them jam at Reggie’s Crab Shack last Friday.

Perfect World’s expansion ties into the overall plan for the Dungeons & Dragons property in 2015, which is featuring a bunch of Elemental Evil-related stuff, calling on fans of tabletop and video games alike to “Uncover the deception.” How will players do that? Elemental, my dear miniature giant space hamster!


  1. “the return of Minsc & Boo – the ranger and miniature giant space hamster from the Baldur’s Gate series.” – ahh and the uncreativity continues. How much more of this until we start boycotting sh1t? Lets see 4 far crys, infintie CoD”s, gazillion assassins creed, fist full of fail final fantasies, dime a dozen mmorpgs, DnD has been able to duplicate itself in unique ways due to its pen and paper roots allowing creativity to off branch in different routes…but even video game developpers cant use the do it yourself tools get creative enough so they recycle crap into a game that is already a mock p;o;s to a greater game. I hate in 2015 I have to live my life pretending these games do not exist. “NEverwhat? What is that? No your dilussional, that is not DnD.”

    • you are right

      i have to say
      i liked this game at first

      but now i hate it , why?

      they grab money , steal it , making people become gambling addicts , they sell astral diamonds to buy everything in this game , and you cant farm astral diamonds it has 24k capacity daily!

      when every thing cost 7mil astral diamonds , to enjoy this game you must spend lots and lots of money

      which i did i regret it , today every one and every company does that crap , companies steal money every day from us you want a mount? pay 20 dollars for it
      people pay thusends of dollars and support this game for no reason just to be a Pay to win player
      its wrong so what if its free to play
      free to play have ruined every thing
      i rather have buy to play than free to play pay to win titles

      , only Guild wars 2 and Warframe i enjoy cuz its not pay 2 win , and its user friendly , and a great community
      (although there is cash shop in the game which is fine by me)


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