It’s only been a few days since the next Neverwinter update was announced, and the devs are already coming through with their promise on more details. Since a big selling point of this update is the new playable Gith race, it seems wise that that’s where they’d start. Today, the team posted a developer blog offering up some information on the race’s history as well as the more important gameplay details like traits.

The Gith — named after a woman who led the race in a rebellion against the mind flayers who enslaved them — consist of two factions. One is more militaristic, while the other takes a more enlightened approach to conflict. Of course, the conflict between the two has led to the creation of even smaller groups. It is one of these that has come to Neverwinter.

As for traits, the Gith have heightened endurance. They also boast a 1500 Combat advantage.

Those hoping to play the Gith during the first two weeks of release will need to have VIP status. After that, the race will become open to everyone for free for the next two weeks. Anyone who doesn’t pick them up by that point will need to pay for them.

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  1. No one give a crap about races!! we want classes your not ganna drum up players by added races with no classes…. druid druid druid


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