Jeff “LCDRMiller” Miller, Environmental Artist on Neverwinter, has posted some new information about the creation of Strongholds maps on the Neverwinter forums. As the free to play MMORPG gets ready to launch its Guild battle focused module, Cryptic Studios is sharing the news that these Strongholds maps will be the largest maps introduced into the game…by FAR the largest.


“You heard correctly, this is the biggest map we have ever made! There are two main reasons for the map being the size it is. The first being, we wanted players to feel a sense of exploration as they roam the lands and fight off enemies to expand their guild’s stronghold,” wrote Miller. The huge size serves two purposes.

On the PvE side of business, this larger map gives players a huge portion of the world in which to explore and take part in adventures, while giving Guilds the space they need to build their Strongholds. PvP players will of course love the increased space that frees up the intense guild versus guild competition planned for the module.

If you’ve every been a bit curious about environment creation, check out the full post for a “step by step” guide on how the Neverwinter team approaches map building.


    • you better hope you never get this unoptimized laggy, buggy and exploit ridden piece of crap. read the official xone and pc forums to see how bad things are (moderators there delete a LOT of posts with bad comments for the game’s state btw)


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