When Neverwinter‘s Undermountain update hits, it will bring more than just the underground region and dungeons. It will also implement changes for both the Cleric and Paladin classes. To give players of both these classes a better idea of what they’re in for, the Neverwinter devs have published two blog posts — each detailing one of the classes in question.

When the update releases, several of the included changes will result in healing being more important than before, and a change in tanking — both things that will impact players of the Paladin class. However, these changes aren’t all Paladin specific. Some actually impact Paladins and Clerics alike.

One of these changes causes the two classes to share a reworked divinity resource, with divinity now representing a pool of divine magic that can be used to cast encounter powers. This is, in fact, the biggest change for both groups.

Players interested in how the divine power change works for each class — and any other changes made to them — can discover more in the Paladins and Clerics posts on the Neverwinter site.

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