The Neverwinter devs have dropped another behind-the-scenes blog post regarding the upcoming Spellplague Caverns update. Last week they took a look at the update’s environment design. This week we’re getting a peek at the Master dungeon’s encounter design.

Systems Designer Douglas Miller covers the topic, noting that while many players may be familiar with the Spellplague Caverns in its original form, they going to find all new encounters in the updated version. In general, players can expect new enemy types. But they will also find themselves facing off against three new bosses: Kabal the Flamesoul, a Giant Stone-Eyed Nothic, and Nostura of the Stone Eye. As one might expect, these bosses appear in the order listed.

Miller describes, in general terms, the encounters for each of these bosses — avoiding spoilers for the most part. Kabal can be found in the demiplane, housed in an active volcano — meaning there will be fire involved in the encounter. The Nothic will introduce a new type of attack to the game, requiring players to learn how to combat them. Finally, Nostura, a powerful fey warlock, will bombard players with everything she has, including a plane shifting mechanic that Miller states has never been done before in the game.

For players of the game who are interested in what goes into making it, the post offers an interesting peek without going too far into technical details. You can check it out in full at the link above.

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