Today, Neverwinter developer Patrick Poage offered players a behind the scenes look at the work he did on the Master version of the game’s Spellplague Caverns. This new version of the dungeon is where players will try to stop the wizards of the Cloaked Ascendancy from completing a ritual designed to destroy the city above.

To bring the Master version of the dungeon to life, the Neverwinter team made quite a few visual updates to the old map and improved on the art. The first major visual change is to the game’s lighting. Poage tweaked each of the lights in the dungeon, turning them off and then on again one by one, making changes as he went along. He also reg-organized the lighting assets to make them easier to work with.

After the lighting, he went to work on adding new fx to the dungeon, creating interesting visuals like energy shooting from the walls. Next, changes to the boss rooms where made — especially that of the final boss. In this room, players cross the barrier between planes and the developers wanted players to be able to see the ghostly outlines of those on the other side.

The post is an interesting look at what goes into updating a dungeon and making it interesting for players all over again. You can read it in full on the Arc games site.

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