A new CCG is making its way to the PC. Astral Heroes — a sequel to Astral Masters and Spectromancer — is currently in the open beta stage with a Windows client available on the game’s official site. It’s also listed on Steam Greenlight.

The game has a few interesting features that will make it stand out a bit more from the other card games currently available. It features a card replacement mechanic that allows players to replace a card in their hand once per turn. The developer has also eliminated card rarity, making all cards the same quality.

As with some current CCGs players will have the oportunity to play a single-player campaign as well as duels and tournaments. There are also guilds and leaderboards.

More information on Astral Heroes can be found on the game’s site.

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  1. Worst looking card game ever? I think so. Was this designed with a foot? Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, even if it was made with a foot it would look better.
    Let’s be honest here, the game is a joke, pay to win abomination that looks terrible and plays terrible made by people famous for scaming people.

    • “famous for scanning people?”
      -I took me 10 minutes just to find these developers/publisher, and they’ve only made one other game and it’s gotten almost entirely good reviews and a majority of the bad reviews state it’s a good game just with horrible DRM.

      You have to be confused about who the publisher is, just ranting for the sake of ranting. (Though it does look just as horrible as their first game.)

      • Strangely, but complaint about “horrible DRM” came only from some Steam users, and never from non-Steam players.

        BTW, our other games are Astral Tournament, Astral Masters and Astral Towers.


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