GAMESinFLAMES Announces PvP MOBA/MMO Crush Online

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Publisher GAMESinFlames announced today that it will be publishing JoyImpact's client-based game Crush Online. Crush is a PvP-heavy MMO featuring MOBA-Style combat.

The world of Crush Online is divided up into three factions locked in an endless war. The game features a comprehensive guild system designed to facilitate what the developers are hoping will be "grand military clashes." Guilds and factions can work with each other in Castle Sieges, taking control of new territory in the process.

As far as MMO features go, the developers promise customizable classes with a variety of weapon options.

Crush Online will be release in Europe this summer, but until then, players can sign up for the closed beta via the game's official site.

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JustFun 8 years ago
lol they really can't find anything good to add to games anymore. They are now trying to change how games are named. Moba always was about combat etc. Seriously there is nothing else to do in those games but NO now they add a PVP-Heavy title to them because they suck so much. ROFL.

Basically you do the same thing as all the other moba except now instead of just running back and forth you can now take a bit more hit and stand more as a tank and take more hits. wow this is so NEW, omg, omg can't wait to play it. rofllllllllllllll

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Slinky 8 years ago
I sincerely hope it's good, we're starving for alternatives to big games these days.

Miki 8 years ago
hmmm will try it, looks like nice idea.

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