New “Dynamic Warfare” MMO War Of Dragnorox Announced: Dungeons Work A Bit Differently In This One, Gang!

Inspired by classic MMOs, the new game looks to be a virtual D&D.

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War Of Dragnorox Trailer

Well, here’s something that’s definitely different. Today, Developer Triune Studios revealed an in-development MMO titled War of Dragnorox. This game, described as “an ever-changing, dynamic player-driven, true MMORPG”, is set in a world where magic is the enemy and any who uses it must be dealt with in the most permanent of ways. (We’re talking about killing them.) The good news for players is that that doesn’t include you, because you can’t wield magic on your own. The best you can do is use potions or possibly trap magic-using creatures and force them to do all that for you.

The lack of player-used magic isn’t the only thing that makes the game different. In fact, the big feature is that whole “dynamic” thing. Unlike most MMOs, War of Dragnorox has done away with instanced dungeons in favor of a Dungeons and Dragons-style experience where staff working as Dungeon Masters control elements of gameplay through the back-end, spawning mobs and treasure, triggering traps, opening secret passages, and more. It’s definitely an interesting concept.

In addition to announcing the game, the devs dropped a combination trailer/gameplay video on YouTube today. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, I’d suggest checking it out. Also, beta signups are available on the game’s site.

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