A couple months back, we told you about Fedeen Games’ plans to take Forsaken World to iOS and Android devices, and now there’s a new trailer for the game, along with a hint of when you’ll be able to get your hands on it.

The new trailer shows off more gameplay than the last and focuses on PvP and, as the press release says, “epic dungeon raiding.” Fedeen Games has also announced that over 10,000 players have pre-registered to play the game using Google Play’s new pre-registration feature and can continue to do so via their website, receiving two free gifts for doing so: the Wings of Wind and the Windwalker Pack, containing a variety of loot.

Forsaken World Mobile will launch this summer.


  1. I use to play a bit on my older single core & liked this game, I am so glad they have a good f2p mmorpg for tablets. I use to like this game like 6 years ago hope it is the same on my tablet. the vampire class is fun to play & I hope the content is still the same. Going to wait a while before I install it though hope they work all the bugs out soon I can play this when I am on the road or business trips on my new 10.5″ tablet I just got.

  2. I so cant wait, There is hardly any good MMORPGs on mobile & I’ve been an avid fan of perfect world & its smaller companys since 2002 with the birth of perfect world international

    • I am also a moron and part of the problem of crappy F2P games being nothing more than cash grab no-life asian grindfest garbage. I would give head to PWE CEO if it meant I could get $10 in Zen.

      • I don’t understand why u feel the need 2 bash someone else’s Opinions (Must be american), I enjoy Perfect World Still find myself playing there games 2 this day.

        I dont understand what MMO does not have some type of grind in it though?


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