If you’ve got a Switch and are anxiously awaiting the release of Skyforge on Nintendo’s system next week … well, have you tried playing it on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One? No? All right, then get hyped!

To aid in those hype efforts, My.Games has released a new trailer, showing off gameplay for the Grovewalker class, which arrived in the other versions of the game via the Overgrowth expansion in April 2018. The Grovewalker is a tank class that uses nature-based attacks and defensive powers, damaging foes with the power of nature or encasing itself in living armor to withstand damage and control effects.

If you’re interested in Skyforge for the Switch, you don’t need to limit yourself to videos like the one below, with its Switch-flavored frame. The game will look pretty much the same there as it looks anywhere, and there’s a whole channel full of videos for you to watch. Go crazy!

Skyforge arrives in the Nintendo Switch eShop on Thursday, February 4, and you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play. You can play for free starting on that date or get a head start and play on the 2nd if you pre-order one of three Founder bundles. Details on those bundles and the rest of the launch can be found on the Skyforge site.

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