Lineage II’s next expansion is on its way. This time, the ancient giants are awake and things are about to change. The giant Helios is ready to revive the world of his people, bringing them back into power — and he’ll do it with the help of the Dreadnaught Superion.

Superion is a floating structure in the sky of Giran that serves as a new zone in the game. It’s gigantic and features a hunting zone for players over level 102. The main bridge of this giant structure is where you’ll find Helios, the strongest emperor of the Ancient Giants, and the final boss of the zone. It’s recommended that a complement of at least 70 level 102+ players work together to take this guy on.

In addition to Helios, there are two other raid bosses, Enhanced Harnak’s Wraith and Ramona. It’s recommended that parties of 21 that are level 103 or higher try to take on the former while the latter will take 70 level 102+ players to complete.

The new expansion will also add 5 new factions for players to check out: Blackbird Clan, Mother Tree Guardian, Giant Tracker Unit, Unworldly Visitors, and Kingdom Royal Guards. And… due to the removal of the level cap, new skills have been added to the free-to-play game as well.

Helios hits PC June 29. More details on all the features coming in the new expansion are available on the Lineage II site.

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  1. Lineage 2 is dead in the EU thanks to innova, I can not for the life of me understand why NCsoft sold them the rights.. They have to be losing money.


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