Destiny’s Sword, a new squad-based strategy MMO created by an independent Candian developer named 2Dogs Games, aspires to be more than just your standard game. While it will feature mechanics any players of the genre are familiar with, it also focuses heavily on the characters’ psychological and mental health. In fact, mental heath is a core part of the game’s themes.

To create the game, 2Dogs has teamed up with several organizations that helped guide its development. Some of these you may be familiar with, others you may not. Take This was one organization on the team. Also involved was Alda Communication, an organization created by M*A*S*H actor Alan Alda that helps scientists and people in more technical fields learn how to communicate their ideas with those unfamiliar with those fields. A third organization involved is Spartan Wellness, a network of veterans, physicians, and specialists dedicated to being a wellness resource for Canadian Veterans.

The sci-fi game features a story of space exploration relying on a rare and depleting mineral. Companies compete to get their hands on the mineral in question and eventually end up fighting over a lone world still rich with it.

Players command squadrons in the fight for the mineral, but must do more than figure out strats and watch HP bars. Instead, they will need to focus on social progress and assure the menthal health of their characters. As this is a war, the game focuses on issues that affect veterans such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Those interested in finding out more about Deistny’s Sword can check out its main site, or its Steam page. It’s still in closed beta at the moment, so it will be a bit before everyone can try it out. We have about a year to go before Open Beta hits.

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  1. you watch the movies on steam, then look at the actual game play pics and it ends up looking like a cheap mobile game that was ported over.


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