New Multiplayer Horror Shooter "Hell Is Others" Understands What Real Hell Is

Hell Is Others launches On Steam today.

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Hell Is Others

A new top-down multiplayer extraction horror shooter launched on Steam today, offering players an “up-to-10 person” PvPvE experience. Hell is Others, from publisher A List Games and Italian developers Strelka Games and Yonder, is now available, and affordable. The game will run players $15.

Hell is Others features customization mechanics and a full story depicted in noir 2D pixel art. Players take on the role of Adam Smithson, a regular person just trying to exist in Century City. His one friend is a blood-thirsty bonsai tree, but apparently that’s not too weird as everything in the city requires blood for sustenance. Of course, being a tree, it can’t obtain the blood on its own, so it’s up to the player to head into the city and come back with blood and body parts to care for their plants. (It all sounds a bit like if Little Shop of Horrors were turned into a shooter instead of a musical.)

Players can customize their home – decorating and expanding it. Adding new items to the apartment will grant players special benefits in gameplay.

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