New Nightingale Trailer Highlights Gameplay Features Just Days Before Launch

Get a peek at character creation, crafting, combat, and more.

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Nightingale Pre-Launch Video

As the countdown to the February 20 release of Nightingale continues, Inflexion Games continues to drop new information on their game. Today, the developer shared an eight-minute video titled “This is Nightingale” – showing off more of the game in action. The extended gameplay overview highlights the various features of the game, including everything from character customization to Realm Cards. It also offers a look at multiplayer features such as the survival game’s social hub known as "The Watch."

Nightingale's character creator looks fairly robust, allowing players to adjust facial features easily enough. It’s also during this process that players will choose their difficulty level of early gameplay. Speaking of customization, the video also shows off the estate-building system and the crafting system – which will have a great impact on customization as well.

Of course, combat is covered as well. The important thing in combat is that players are able to adapt, this means swapping gear on the fly – likely gear that you crafted yourself and built in a variety of attributes to via enchantments.

Realm Cards are covered in the video as well. These cards grant players access to different realms that they can adjust to their liking. The cards can also provide players and their estates with buffs. Playing with the realm cards offers players the opportunity to meet different characters that will help them on their way. All cards can be found or crafted in-game.

The team's design also allows players to recruit a helper NPC. They will help with the estate or out in the wild, but must be geared as players level up. Players can also play together, even eventually building their own massive group estates.

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